The People Who Choose To Love Me

The People Who Choose To Love Me
This is my family. Watermark and all.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Name Is Shawna, And I Am A Trash Digger.

Ok, so, I don't really "dig" for trash, but I do pick it up off the streets when I go on walks or from the playgrounds of parks when I take my kids there to play. Trash is irritating to me. I mean, honestly, how many seconds of a person's precious time does it take to throw a bottle into the trash instead of on the ground?

I have channeled my hatred for litter into art recently, much to my husband and children's chagrin.  Our house is literally overflowing with all of my stupid crafty, Pinteresty, cluttery crap already and now I am adding actual trash (and not even our own trash) to the mess.

My husband and I went to a swap meet for our anniversary and I saw all kinds of crafty stuff for sale at ridiculous prices. All of it was stuff I could make myself so I decided to combine my love for DIY with other people's trash and try my hand at selling it.

My newest creation. I call it "Trash Rainbow" for lack of titling abilities.

This one is a little more random, but I still like it. 

I am almost positive my kids probably think I am the weirdest lady in all of existence without the aid of my new found hobbies. I used to go to places where we lived in California and pick of glass from the shores of artisans and lakes that we took our kids to because no kid needs to slice their foot open while trying to have fun in a public swimming area but drunk people are dicks sometimes and smash their bottles all over. 

I remember being a teenager and thinking my actions had no consequences so I won't be mad about it forever, but it still grinds my gears.

This was made out of the glass of a million jerk wads.

I decided to update my Etsy and see if I get any bites so I can supply my crack craft habit and continue immortalizing other humans' garbage. Here's the link if you want to check out my little shop or share it with someone who might appreciate it. My husband will hate you forever for encouraging me, but I will kiss you on the mouth.