The People Who Choose To Love Me

The People Who Choose To Love Me
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Not Missing The P Anymore

The old laptop that I was using to blog with ended up having an unfortunate accident with my coffee one morning which resulted in the loss of the letter "P" from my writing unless I wanted to ctrl+c a from something else.

My dad had an extra laptop (that had an unfortunate accident with a Budweiser) that he said we could have. The only catch is, instead of missing letters, we get a few bonus letters and through the course of this entry I have learned we get bonus symbols, too! 

Whenever I type an N, I end up with an extra H, and whenever I type a B, I end up with an extra G, and vice versa. Here's what I have written this morning looks like without editing:

Tnhe old laptop tnhat I was usinhbg to bglobg witnh enhded up nhavinhbg anh unhfortuanhate accidenht witnh my coffee onhe mornhinhbg wnhicnh resulted inh tnhe loss of tnhe letter +"P+" from my writinhbg unhless I wanhted to ctrl+"c a P from sometnhinhbg else.

My dad nhad anh extra laptop (tnhat nhad anh unhfortunhate accidenht witnh a BGudweiser) tnhat nhe said we could nhave. Tnhe onhly catcnh is, inhstead of missinhbg letters, we bget a few bgonhus letters anhd tnhroubgnh tnhe course of tnhis enhtry I nhave learnhed we bget bgonhus symbgols, too!

Wnhenhever I type anh NH, I enhd up witnh anh extra NH, anhd wnhenhever I type inh a BG, I enhd up witnh anh extra BG, anhd vice versa. NHere,s wnhat I nhave writtenh tnhis mornhinhbg looks like witnhout editinhbg:

Just pretenhd tnhe piece of macnhinhery inh tnhis picture is all of tnhe laptops I='ve ever ownhed.

So, I guess I have learned two things here. That not having a P isn't as annoying as having extra B's and G's, and my clumsiness might be from my dad's side.

So, I bguess I nhave learnhed two tnhinhbgs nhere. Tnhat nhot nhavinhbg a P isnh='t as anhnhoyinhbg as nhavinhbg extra BG='s anhd BG='s, anhd my clumsinhess mibgnht bge from my dad='s side.


  1. I feel like I'm reading calculus equations. Who knew spilling Budweiser on it would make a computer smarter?

    1. Ah, dang, tried to make a funny joke to your last comment but I mixed up this post and that one. And, calculus is the devil!

  2. You're so funny...and patient. I'd be looking for a bat too.

  3. My previous laptop lost its "A". I made whole Facebook posts using substitute letters. No one ever noticed even though I sounded ridic.