The People Who Choose To Love Me

The People Who Choose To Love Me
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'll Never Be A Cowgirl

So, awhile back, my husband and I were were getting a feel for our new town and happened upon an antique store (we aren't antique aficionados, we just like weird stuff)  that contained within it MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD TOY.

I wasn't sure what this thing was called to google a picture of it so my daughter suggested just looking up "Chime Balls." Weird, because that's what they are really called!

After a few short days, between the neighborhood kids and our Great Dane/Mastiff mix (I like to call him our Grastiffane), the ball was ruined. Forever. Broken beyond all repair.

I was sad. Also, I wanted the little horses inside of it for whatever nonsense art project I might be making in the future. I told my husband to break open the ball and GET ME THOSE HORSES.

It's a wonder this guy married me.

I made my husband cut the bottom of the toy off with a handsaw and find me fishing wire. 
My brain knew this toy had to be preserved in some sort of way.
The metal thingies hanging in the picture are the things that make the Chime Ball chime.


Well, my brilliant plan didn't work out as planned (as usual). I loved the idea of it but couldn't hear the chimey things.

This is literally how close you need to be to hear the near silent chimes that I made out of the guts of my favorite childhood toy.

So, my husband decided he wanted to help me fix the logistics of my chimes issues... 

The horse got all tangled up and then the whole thing started tilting.

So, today's epiphany is that I will never be a wind chime maker.  Or a cowgirl, because trying to loop fishing wire around a tiny plastic horse was hard enough. Although, after I told my husband I'd never be a cowgirl, his response was, "Yeah, but you could be a reverse cowgirl..." 

So, I forgave him for screwing up my childhood-memory-chimes and then we kicked the kids outside for awhile.


  1. First you wonder why this guy married you then you pretty much spell it out why he married you. Wonderful! I kept expecting something about another set of chime balls being more fun to play with, but it's probably best not to go there. Except I did go there. Dammit, I always fall into that trap.

  2. Hahahaha!! You're a crack up, Chris!